October 2019

Sadly it’s not the most relaxed Birthday Month, Libra.

Even with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in your own sign. A few party poopers are coming your way. And the central disturbances joining your path is coming from ‘moody’ neighbour sign Scorpio. Not only will it quickly steal your thunder of harmony, communication and an untroubled atmosphere. On top of it, it will have everyone talking “complex topics” during  what was supposed to be a light-hearted meeting. Its ruling planet Pluto will cause friction for every sign. 

Tensions in the workplace and work areas, the public domain, politics, and heaps of manipulation may take place. NOT. YOUR. IDEA. OF. A. PARTY! How dare they ruin the vibe.

Was that all? Nope. You may lose your temper and get involved in some heated arguments. At best, you finally tell someone straight up why you dislike them. Blunt? Yes. Liberating? Absolutely. A Libra can only take so much, and sometimes telling it like it is, may just be what the doctor prescribes.  

A ray of sunshine and foreign destinations will have luck return. Keep an eye out for those “close with foxes”. 

Lucky Numbers: 4, 5, 9 

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