August 2019

The stars are in your favour,  Libra.

There are opportunities for receiving words of praise for your efforts in the work environment, and you may even be asked to take on a new role or be asked to spread a message to the world. Truth to be told this can come as a bit of a surprise for you: mainly because you HAVE been distracted at the workplace and half-heartedly finished tasks. Partly because your social life has been demanding. But hey, if no-one noticed and they even give you appreciation, best take that, lucky Libra. 

In Love, you may feel the desire to create a new type of stability or commitment. Tread lightly and allow the other person space to get their head around it. Single? You may feel attracted to someone who is not your usual type. You will not regret the extra spice this brings.  

Lucky: Pennies in your pocket and coins found on the street

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