July 2019

You may have felt like you’ve been in a bit of a haze, Pisces.

How is that different than your usual otherworldly preference, you ask? In the coming weeks your intuition can be uncanny and you may leave people shellshocked after accidentally mentioning something that you could not have possibly known. Use the beginning of the month for being practical and organization of your legal files and banking affairs, while the 10th, 11t, 18th and 19th are great days to test your intuitive skills and go out with friends.  

Don’t overdo staying out late with your mates and indulging all the pleasure. Although when you do, it’s likely you will have a hangover, yes,  and you’ll say it was totally worth it.

Feathers can have a special meaning this month and can be a great charm. A child mentioning a movie involving Disney characters should have you paying attention.


Stay clear of number 7. Number 1 and 8 bring luck.

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