September 2019

It’s one of those months that can long-term impact you, Pisces.

First of all the Full Moon will be happening in your sign on September 14. Full Moons are about your personal harvest and successes, and this will play out two-fold for you. On one end you will realize there’s a lot to be grateful for, and you’ll be able to see how you contributed to things happening in your life. Which brings you to the other side of the medal: this also means you’ll be confronted with what did not play out how you wished, and this can specifically relate to people in your life. 

Some of your heroes and heroines turn out to be sad little muppets that pretended to be someone they were not. So yes, it may be an emotional month for you. And it may also be the month that you are bold and decisive in the next steps to soar on every level: health, diet, relationships, money and career. Make it a turning point while also feeling satisfied with results from previous hard work. 

Pay attention to who and what is one-legged. They come carrying subtle gifts and signs on what can be the nest-eggs you seek. 

Lucky numbers: 17 and 12

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