September 2019

After the initial excitement of the last Month,
you may now feel like you are back in that same rut.

You do want to tread carefully this month, because it’s not all Roses and Sunshine. You may be particularly sensitive to any type of dishonesty and can overreact. Your hypercriticism of situations in your life at the beginning of this month can get you into trouble and have you on the path of no return. 

It is better to wait with communicating and venting your concerns because there’s a high possibility of conflict and being misunderstood. September 10 may help you see how to take constructive actions without breaking down what you’ve been working at so hard. Even better would be to wait until after September 23.  

A night-time strategy game can boost your reputation and bring you the ‘right numbers’. Be mindful of investing time and energy into toxic relationships and always ending second best. 

Luck: white horses and the number 8 .

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