July 2019

You’ve had quite some high and low extremes, Sagittarius.

And it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Your ruling planet Jupiter is still retrograde in its own sign. This both brings massive potential and excitement for future plans and some dramatic aha’s you would not have minded to have never known about EVER.

Don’t feel beaten down by things turning out differently than you had expected. It’s showing up for you so you can see where your expectations and grand world ideals were simply never going to meet reality. And yes, some people will go. Change of faith is possible around this time and you may feel more called to have a psychic reading than you normally would. Do it if you feel it. They can show you True North.

Expect inspiration to hit near the end of the month. And follow your gut on where to focus your attention, because it will lead to bigger things. A woman in red spells trouble. When she shows, it’s your cue to leave – in order for luck to be able to find you elsewhere.


Your Lucky word of the Month: Victory

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