October 2019

Aren’t you having a ball, Scorpio?

Your power is still increasing, and you’ll feel that almost immediately at the start of the Month. Communication planet Mercury is moving into your sign the 3rd of the October. This coincides with your ruling planet Pluto going direct. What does this all mean for you? First of all, you’ll likely be noticed. Potential partners, lovers, and even general passersby in the street feel the urge to watch twice.  

Now since Scorpio doesn’t like to be the center of attention all the time, this may feel somewhat unnerving. It can be a sound addition: your hypnotic power can have you get things done that you’ve tried for a long time. In money, this may mean increase. It’s an extraordinary time to read the room and ask for a raise or prepare the path to a raise by highlighting all the perks you’ve brought to the table.  

The 8th of the Month Venus will move into your sign as well. Adding more charm and an increase of wit and strategy. Stay away from the known Scorpio dark side of jealousy when it comes to love and use all of the intensity towards wooing. When the Sun announces your birth month the 23rd, you will indeed feel like the Cosmos is showering you with presents. 

Pharmaceutical and health-related companies can bring luck. Either through letters about pay-outs or (stock market) investments made.

Luck: 3, 8 and 23  

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