Your Scorpio Horoscope

Your Scorpio Horoscope


November 2019

Did people honestly think they could keep secrets when your Sun Sign is ruling the skies, Scorpio?

Peasants! And with Uranus in the mix the start of the month, it may create some interesting fireworks. Illicit affairs, international gossip, meddling with bank accounts and downright fraud can all become quite apparent. 

It’s certainly not a dull start of the month. As a Scorpio, this energy can swing both ways for you. If you are the type of Scorpio who’s faced their inner secrets, then you’ll rise high and mighty this month. You’ll be charismatic and influential. If you’ve not been as truthful to yourself, then you may feel anger and jealousy about ‘missing the boat’. You may fret over what others have done to you, and you feel envy towards people in your life who seemingly have it all. Take a deep breath if that’s you: you’ll get there.  

Handling money may prove to be somewhat challenging. Systems may glitch, which can cause valuables to be misplaced. If you’ve not dealt with exes, than there’s a fair chance, they’ll come back into your life. 

Luck is spelled LOVE for you this month Scorpio. Following passions, woo-ing, and dates create favourable circumstances. 

Luck: number 11, colour red

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