September 2019

As an earth sign, you’ll enjoy having the Sun in Virgo.

It brings in some of the steadiness and consistency that Taurus enjoys. You will, however, be affected by having erratic Uranus in your sign.  Best get used to this, because it will stay there for years to transform finances, housing, how business is done, personal values, matters of food, self-care and how Earth is treated as ‘a home’ globally. In short: you will soon notice that the best way to use this long-term process it to take excellent care of your money matters, house, body, and love life. That’s right, you are asked to be a ‘role model’.  

Don’t worry: you have full permission to be selfish. As long as you keep ‘taking care’ in mind, you’ll succeed. The first of the month is excellent for communicating precisely what you want changing in any area of your life. If you are looking at renovating your house or have landscaping done then it’s a perfect time to create the blueprints. Deciding to invest money elsewhere or pull out of a project, so you can have long term money gain is also encouraged. 

The Moon will be in your sign the 17th, 18th and 19th of September. Focussing on comfort and staying in will best serve your mood. Be mindful of worrying.  It is not the time of the month to take action and if you do, then know you will change your mind.  

Going out for a walk or exercise during a typical autumn day or while visiting the coast, has the potential to inspire you and receive the information you were seeking. Losses only mean you lack the information needed. 

Luck: Evening and nighttime are most beneficial.

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