July 2019

Is it over yet? No, dear Taurus.

You are still being tested and stretched to prove your success. The first week of the month can assist you with that. It is great for working out that success-strategy and engaging and connecting with the right people to further plans.

Your overall and best strategy is to keep calm, carry on and be prepared. That will have you pacing through steadily while the whole world around you seems to derail in brain fog and confusion. Don’t hold it against them: after the 7th the sky will go wonky; Mercury and Mars are conjunct when the planet of communication will turn retrograde. Best not to expect too much from people around that time. It will just annoy you. Bring an extra phone charger with you to work and don’t get distraught if there’s a last-minute change in plans. Be mindful not to go to comfort food as a go-to to lower stress levels.

At the end of the month, it will feel like everyone is having a blast, while you are stuck working. You are having last laughs though. Someone you’ve disliked for a long time will be presented with karma. And that may even turn out in a promotion, success or (wanted) extra work and income for you.


Fulfillment is found in online shopping and number 9 and 7.

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