August 2019

You’ve got a nice month ahead, dear Virgo.

The first notable improvement will be right at the beginning of the month. You’ll feel clear, and experience increased calmth and positivity! The first half of this month can be the preparation of what’s to come. Expect grand visions to pop in your mind around the 15th of the month with the Full Moon, and you’ll feel the urge to start acting on your plans soon after. Action is power, Virgo. 

The even better news? When the Sun moves in your sign the 23rd and Venus conjuncts Mars you’ll start to feel your inner strength grow stronger. And overall, you may start feeling pretty sexy with all that extra confidence. At the end of the month when the New Moon occurs in Virgo you genuinely feel like a next level you. 

Remember: a boat that won’t leave the harbour will never reach the destination. Luck is tied to sails. 

Lucky Days: 21st of August, 23rd of August, 31st of August 

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