Your Virgo Horoscope


November 2019

Prepare for change of plans and some disorganisation, Virgo.

There’s pressure coming your way and you may be questioned about your previous behaviour. Since most of the month is part of Scorpio season, November is the month of revelations. If there were skeletons in the closet, then some of these past ghosts will come to the surface. Deal with things head-on concisely and honestly, and you will be ok. 

It’s possible that half-way through the month, you start questioning your goals, what it is you are doing, and why. This is a temporary motivation dip and it’s best to take some down-time if that occurs. If the November weather impacts, your health, food, and exercise regime know it will be easiest to pick that up when the Sun moves into Sagittarius. Some Virgos will feel a burst of creativity and start writing down their thoughts with the desire of making them into books. 

Luck can come suddenly. Changing your routines and habits can be lucky in November. A string of pearls and a mirror point towards success. 

Lucky colour: green 

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