October 2019

You are having a good time, Virgo.

At the beginning of the month you’ll sail into calmer waters, Virgo. Mars will leave your sign on the 2nd, and that gives you the ability to start enjoying all the hard work you’ve handled and put in the previous month. You’ve single-handedly equipped everyone in your environment for smooth starts of the school year and now it’s time to unwind. The 10th and 11th can be perfect cocooning days for you. 

It’s possible that you’ll become aware of some uncomfortable secrets in the second half of the Month. Parts of past mistakes you were unaware of may come back to bite or haunt you. This may tie in with gossip or people working against you. See it as an opportunity to adjust and solve. Don’t engage in blame. 

Systems that you’ve been using for a long time may no longer be useful, and you are asked to renew procedures. Luck is found in the family environment and housing for you. It’s a great time to explore moving into a larger property. 

Horses (and larger animals) represent success. Don’t go for whose boss, and apply a strategy.

Lucky objects: (craftsman) tools. 

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