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Introducing The Racing Heart Podcast

The Racing Heart Podcast is a place to hear about the horses and people, including those you haven't heard of yet, that have impacted lives or touched our hearts as part of this great sport.  Each episode we'll play messages from listeners who love racing...

Preview of Jaeger SS19 Collection

For SS19, Jaeger is inspired by culture and travel. Here are our top picks so you can #RockItForRacingIn celebration of the centenary of the Bauhaus art movement, their transitional collection from winter to spring is of geometric abstract checks in cobalt blues,...

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Karen can usually be found glued to her computer or at the stables. Having edited several national magazines she co-founded Eclipse Magazine in 2008 after realising that many of her friends were nervous about going racing due to lack of information – what to wear, how to bet etc. She absolutely loves her job (how many people can say that?!) and is truly grateful to all supporters of and contributors to Eclipse Magazine. If you are reading this she would like to say THANK YOU! (And please spread the word about Eclipse...!!)

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