Men’s Grooming: Hair Today…

Take care of your hair today with products to fit your lifestyle.


Men-U products are ultra concentrated so a little goes a long way and they fit neatly into a sports or travel bag.

Daily Fresh Shampoo gently cleanses whilst the Daily Conditioner moisturises. The shampoo is anionic which leaves the hair negatively charged and the conditioner is cationic which is positively charged. As opposites attract the optimum amount of conditioner should be absorbed and retained whilst any excess is rinsed away.

Shampoo price £9.45 for 100ml bottle, lasts for up to 120 shampoos.

Conditioner price £10.45 for 100ml bottle, lasts for up to 100 applications.

Men-Ü Liquifflex – Unlike traditional pomades which can weigh down and flatten the hair, Liquifflex is light. It provides medium hold and medium shine whilst creating body and volume by coating and swelling each hair strand. Hands are left dry to the touch. Price £16.95.

Men-Ü Define and Shine – Medium hold and high shine. Smooth and lightweight so good for fine thin hair. Helps tone down grey hair. Price £14.95.


The Aussie Man shampoo range gently washes away styling products and everyday dirt, whilst nourishing the hair – making it ideal for those who can’t find the energy to condition in the morning! All priced at £4 from Asda.

Keep It Clean degreases and removes product build up thanks to its silicone free, clarifying formula infused with Desert Lime extract.

Keep It Strong strengthens strands with the help of Manuka Honey extract.

Keep It Thick has a silicone free formula that adds volume and infuses locks with the heady scent of Australian Ginger extract.


Latest addition to The Somerset Toiletry Company men’s range is the MR Hair and Body Wash, which provides a convenient 2-in-1 product for the gym or travel.

Available in four fragrances: MR Perfect in spearmint and patchouli;, MR Manly in sage and the newest gang members are Mr Smooth with a black pepper and ginger fragrance and Mr Rugged with a cedar wood and lemongrass fragrance. Which one are you? Price £5.95 each.


Not all hair is wanted especially those unruly brows and hairy ears.


Andmetics Brow Wax Strips for Men

Contains four cold wax strips for under the brows and two smaller strips to remove the monobrow look. For under the brow the strips have punched markings to help with positioning:

1. Separate strips slowly.

2. Position the strips under the brow with the two dots under the outside end of the brow.

3. Press firmly and tighten the skin on the upper edge of the eyebrow with your finger. Quickly remove the strip with one tug in the opposite direction of hair growth i.e. towards the nose. To remove the monobrow look, position the smaller strips in between your two brows with the narrow part pointing downwards to the nose. Press firmly and quickly pull down against the hair growth.

4. An oil cloth is included to remove any residual adhesive.

Price 9.90 Euros.

Andmetics Ear Wax Strips for Men

This is for hair on the outside rim of the earlobe. Contains eight cold wax strips and two oil tissues. The strips are shaped for the earlobe’s curves and hollows.

1. Separate strips slowly.

2. Position the strip around the outer earlobe and press firmly.

3. Remove quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

4. Remove wax residue with calming care wipe.

Price 9.90 Euros

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