There are a ton of people wandering around a racecourse – and a lot of them actually work there (Racing officials, connections, sponsors, ‘big names’ etc). Here’s our quick Rookies Guide – Who’s Who!

Amateur – riders who are not professional jockeys. Mr, Mrs, Captain, etc. with their names on race cards, indicate their amateur status.

Apprentice – young jockey learning Flat racing with a contract to a trainer while he or she is learning the business of race riding.

BHABritish Horseracing Authority – the governing body for racing in Britain.

Clerk of the Course – the person responsible for running the raceday; if you find the person who looks the most worried on any given raceday, then that’s probably the Clerk of the Course.

Clerk of the Scales – the person responsible for checking a jockey’s weight against the allocated weight the horse is allowed to carry.

Conditional jockey – a National Hunt apprentice.

Jockey – a horseracing rider.

Jockey Club – Historically, the founding body in British racing. Currently they own and operate fifteen racecourses and have various other associated functions.

Judge – the person responsible for declaring the finishing order of a race and the distances between the runners.

Owner – the person or syndicate who owns a particular racehorse.

Starter – the official responsible for starting the race fairly.

Stewards – the panel of stewards are responsible for maintaining the rules of racing on racedays. Their word is law, no arguing allowed.

Sponsor – a business that pays for advertising rights over a race or horse.

Tipster – a racing pundit who advises on likely winners and losers.

Trainer – the person responsible for looking after and preparing a horse for racing.

Valet – assistant responsible for looking after a jockey’s ‘Stuff’.

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