The perfect hat for the races

Renowned milliner, Beverley Edmonson gives advice on finding the perfect hat for the races:

What advice would you give to women choosing the perfect hat?

BE: My number one rule to wearing hats is to be confident with your hat! Wearing a hat correctly is the difference between a successful hat and an unsuccessful hat.

You have to wear the hat and not let the hat wear you!  If you position a hat correctly and wear it with confidence then anyone can wear a hat. We want women to feel confident. You should stand with your back straight, head held high, believing you look good and have fun!

What advice would you give ladies attending Royal Ascot?

BE: Ascot has advised that fascinators do not form part of the dress code for the Royal Enclosure and you need to ensure that you wear hat or a headpiece that has a base of 4 inches (10cm) or more in diameter. Follow this link to check the dress code for Royal Ascot:

I’ve found that this year’s preference tends to be more towards larger hats.

I must admit that as a milliner, this fills me with delight as it provides huge scope for creativity and gives a woman a more pronounced image of glamour, mystique and femininity.

Think of Audrey Hepburn, Joan Collins, Sophia Loren – these beautiful women knew how to wear a hat, in order to give their outfit a particular theme and glamorous appeal. Remember though that if you’re opting for bold, colourful accessories, to keep the dress itself stylishly simple.

Can you advise which style is most suitable for each face shape?

BE: Again I don’t believe that people should be dictated to about what style of hat should suit them. However these are some of the general guidelines you could bear in mind when choosing your hat especially if you’re not a hat wearer.

Heart or Round Shaped Face

A medium or small asymmetrical hat, worn at an angle, will flatter you. You might want to avoid straight fronted styles that will widen your face. An upturned brim will draw attention to your eyes and details such as flowers or feathers worn to the side will draw focus, slimming the face.

Oblong Face Shape

Wear the hat forward on your head with an upturned brim to one side, drawing attention to your eyes. Bringing the hat in line with your eyebrows will shorten your face giving a balance to the look.

Oval or Triangular Face Shapes

You are lucky, as many styles will suit your face shape. Maybe consider wearing a hat with a smaller brim if you have small features. To find the most flattering style, make sure the crown of the hat is not narrower than your cheekbones.

Pear Shape Face

To balance your wider jawline choose a small brimmed style with a high crown to balance the face. Upturned brims and straight designs will focus attention on your eyes. Choosing a hat with a decorative detail to one side will give an asymmetrical look drawing the eye off centre.

Square Shape Face

To soften your face, choose a hat with a large upturned brim or rounded edge. If you can carry off a large hat if you have a medium/ large frame, then you can have fun choosing a dramatic wide brimmed hat.

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Beverley Edmondson is an innovative bespoke milliner, who has a retail shop and studio based in Farnham, Surrey.

Beverley’s handmade, bespoke fashion headpieces have gained her a strong reputation in the industry over the last ten years.

With this year’s spring pieces ranging from contemporary twists on classic shapes to more avant-garde hats, you will find the perfect hat to suit you.

Shop: Beverley Edmondson Millinery, 27b The Borough, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7NJ.




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