September 2019

You are on fire for the first few days of the Month, Aries.

Steadying bonds with others in your life is in the stars. This can be both in the Romantic area or while committing yourself to new projects and contracts in the work environment. You may find that you can be incredibly focussed this month and are able to solve and prepare what others couldn’t.

Your health and energy get a boost at the start of the month as well. You are being warned to not get too serious about your exercise regime, otherwise you might overdo it. 

An issue you’ve been waiting to resolve in the career area will start moving forward the second half of the month. This will take long-felt pressure off you and it will finally feel like you can see the forest through the trees again. 

Fortune is found by taking sudden actions and listening to impulse.

Lucky numbers: 33 and 2.


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